Hot News, March 2019!
My painting 'Samuel's Paintbrush' has been accepted for the biennial Leamington Open.
It has been awarded one of the three judges' special commendations.
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Shown opposite: the evolution of a painting

1. First draft: a vintage stuffed monkey sitting on a book.
2. Developing: something wrong with the composition.
3. Different monkey – didn’t like the first one.
4. Shadows on book wrong and monkey face is wrong but I’m pleased with Mont St Victoire in the background.
5. Almost finished! More modelling on the face is needed and lettering is a bit wonky.


I graduated from Birmingham College of Art in 1963 with a BA in graphic design and did some work as a book illustrator before having a family. Later I completed courses in fine art and printmaking and became very interested in etching and wood cuts before returning to painting.

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Working in the basement of my home in Warwickshire, UK

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View from the outside through my studio window

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Pavement Graffiti

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Still Life